The moulded cheeses are then pressed in an antique press before being brined prior to storage in a temperature and humidity-controlled maturing room. Caws Celtica's cheeses are available from our stall at the Farmers' Markets and local food markets we regularly attend throughout the year. The couple often use their Farmers Market customers to market-test their new varieties of cheeses pre-launch to determine their popularity.

The milk is heated to 32 degrees Celsius and then a freeze-dried starter culture is added directly to the vat. This is then left to culture and then vegetarian rennet is added. When the curd has reached the correct set it is cut both vertically and then horizontally with a curd knife. The curds and whey are then left to separate for a short period and then the temperature of the vat is raised to heat "scald" the curds whilst they are constantly stirred. When the curds have reached the correct consistency and acidity the whey is drained off and the resulting curds moulded into the net-lined moulds which give the cheeses their distinctive shape and appearance.

HRH Prince Charles visiting the Caws Celtica Farmers' Market StallIn addition Sue and Roger regularly attend Farmers' Markets throughout Wales where their wide range of hard and soft cheeses may be sampled and purchased.

Milking Sheep for Sale Rams bred from high yielding quality milking sheep breeds are available for sale to improve the milkiness of flocks. Dams are pedigree Friesland black/white x with an Assaf Ram imported by Ian McDougal with recorded milk yields. An improvement breeding programme has been in operation over the past 10 years involving the use of imported rams with higher yields and solids for the milk which is all used for the production of the cheesemaker's award winning cheeses. Rams, young stock and occasionally ewes are available for sale. For information phone (evenings) 01239-851419 (ask for Roger).

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The most appreciated cheeses in the world

It is not usual to eat cheese by its own, but combined with other foodstuff it will make a superb dish. Cheese is, as we all may know, made of milk, the process of making it, but also the quality of the milk, decides what quality and type the cheese will be.

Not all cheese sorts are of the same price and some are actually interesting because of their looks, smell or taste. The most expensive cheese is known to be the Pule, a cheese sort made of donkey milk that can cost up to five thousand Euros pro kilogram, depending on how pure it is. That is not much considering the process of making it and that more than 25 liters of milk are spent to make one kilogram of Pule. This white and crumbly cheese is made in Serbia and has an interesting taste.

One of the oldest cheese sorts has been around for centuries and is known under the name Prince of Gruyeres or Beaufort d'Ete, it is not close as pricy as Pule, but it is still in the mid - price range, you will spend about 45 dollars for one pound of this incredibly tasty cheese. If you ever tried fondue, than you have tried also Beaufort d'Ete. From France we go right to Wales in Great Britain where the British priciest cheese is made. The Gorau Glas costs only 5 dollars less than the Beaufort and is much softer than it..

Wales has also one more delicious cheese sort to offer, the Caws Celtica which is a sheep's cheese that is only made in Capel Gwnda Farm in West Wales. You should try out this cheese because it is hand crafted, with no chemicals and highly natural. It would be quite interesting eating it , you can read more here . From the delicious mid - range price cheese sorts we are going back to the over - 400 dollar ones. One of those is Moose Cheese that is produced in Norway and costs around 455 dollars per pound. It is only made on a little farm from milk of three moose, that even have interesting names. In case you want to try this delicious cheese than hurry up, because only 600 pounds are produced every year.

If you are wondering what cheese do the celebrities eat, than the answer, among others, would be the White Stilton Gold cheese. A pound of this delicacy costs 450 dollars, but not because of the process or the quality of milk, it is so expensive because it has real gold flakes in it.

Bitto storico is a cheese that ages for full 16 years, it is produced in blocks of 44 pounds, it is quite prestigious and not many people in the world had the pleasure of trying this cheese that costs 150 dollars pro pound. The smelliest one must be the Blue cheese, it is quite salty and very pungent, but the fans will always tell you that it tastes amazing. There is even one cheese sort that can get you drunk, it is called De Raisin and is quite rare, produced only in fall and considered an official Christmas cheese, it is made of cow's milk and soaked in brandy. After that it is covered with dried grapes, but they must be the ones the brandy is made of.

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