Look after cheese

The light, soft, salty and delicious taste of cheese must have been around for centuries, but actually there is no exact information about its origins, but many studies have shown that in the time of Mesopotamia, about 6000 BC, they produced cheese from cow and goat milk.

If you consider that it has been around for at least eight thousand years, than you have to think about how developed the production has to be today and how many sorts there are. Well, there are about two thousand different cheese sorts and the production is quite impressive, people are able to produce many tons of cheese in a single factory during only one day, and some of them are made even without milk!

Greek people are the ones that eat the most cheese pro person during a year, they consume about 28 kg each and three quarters of that is feta cheese. But feta is not the mostly used one in the world, that would be mozzarella. In terms of biggest users, the company that uses the most cheese during a year is Pizza Hut, they use more than 140 Million kilograms a year

That is quite a lot, but to show how big the cheese production around the world is, we will compare it to other products: more cheese is produced than tobacco, coffee, cocoa beans and tea combined, which is about 200 million metric tons. The heaviest piece of cheese weighted 90 kilograms and 20 tons, it took about quarter a million kilogram of milk to make it and it was produced in 1995.

The first cheese factory is founded in Switzerland but the first mass production started in the United States, 36 years later in 1851. In case you have wondered why cheese is often produced in roles than the answer would be - to be easier to transport it, yes they actually roll the cheese.

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