About sheep milk cheese

When it comes to cheese, the world goes crazy, there are 2 thousand sorts which are made almost from any type of milk there is - cow, goat, sheep, horse, camel, moose, donkey and many others. But the most used and famous ones would be cow, sheep and goat milk cheeses, they are both tasty and healthy and can be used in combination with other cheese sorts and are good with almost any food.

However, sheep cheese is the one that gives the most interesting variety of tastes and is more healthy than most of the other ones. The most famous sheep milk cheeses are Roquefort, Manchego, Pecorino Romano, Ricotta and of course Feta cheese.

Sheep produce a lot smaller amounts of milk compared to cows, but it is much more nutritious, contains more minerals and is richer in fat and solids, but the bad thing for people with lactose intolerance is that is also richer on lactose. But all that makes sheep milk much better for cheese production process and enables a higher milk to cheese rate than in most of the other cases

Besides being used for making sheep cheese, sheep milk is also used for making yogurt that is delicious and has a totally different taste from cow milk yogurt. When it comes to countries that use sheep cheese the most, than France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Poland would have to be mentioned. The variety of the cheeses produced there is quite big

In case you find yourself ever in Great Britain you should try some of their sheep cheeses, consider going to Wales and trying some of the cheeses that they make there. The grass is greener there and the cheese tastier, one that we would recommend is Caws Celtica, an award winning cheese sort that has made many people love sheep cheese and cheese in general

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